About the collage

The college was established by a decision of the Council of Ministers in 2013 and obtained the final license from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under the license JH/1396 dated 4/9/2014.

The aim , message , and the vision of the collage

Alnukhba university college looking forward to become a major educational and cognitive college in the field of medical,engineering and human sciences at the local,regional and international level by keeping up with technology in the field of education to meet the needs of society and supporting the development and an aspiration to be a well _known academic edifice by graduating generation of students with the highest principles of morals and preparation scientifically according renewed perspective to have an effective impact on society.

Preparing special graduates scientifically and professionally in the field of medical,engineering and human sciences according to quality

_ keep of knowledge and technology developments with developing the research process

_ serve the society and development ,fulfilling the needs of market inside and outside Iraqi

_ promote professional values,etiquette and ethics

_ solidify of belonging and national identity _ creating quantitative specialisation meet the needs of society and requirement of age

1-providing efficient educational and teaching staff with higher certificates from sober universities to raise the level of education in Iraq.

2-encouragement scientific research and contributing in the production of solid scientific researches

3-Raising the level of the scientific and intellectual students and developing them skills to contribute community service and creat committed generation of the ethics and values of the profession

4-develop study plans that contribute in the improvement and development of scientific methods

5-work on developing the continues interaction between the collage and educational institutions as well as civil society institution through partnerships with different institutions in line with the education policies in Iraq