Computer Technologies Engineering


The computer technology engineering was established in the academic year 2014_2013. This department aims to graduate high-capacity engineers who specialize in computer networks and to regulate digital communications and all the modern technologies associated with this competence. Also a field of computer computer electronic, electronic control system, belongings Knowledge of software systems and details of their work ,the department is subject to the system of twins with the middle technical university with corresponding competence.


This department aims to empower Iraqi Students to leaders in the field of computer technology in general and computer communication networks, preparing competent technical engineers, providing technical advice and technical expertise and work to serve the community

The message

Training qualified technical engineers capable of meeting the local labour market in computer engineering techniques.


Section objectives

The department of technical computer engineering aims to:

1- Graduating cadres of technical engineers with a high level of understanding, knowledge and psychological preparation capable of dealing with communication systems and computer networks.

2- Focus on the practical side and pay a lot of attention by providing state-of-the-art laboratories in terms of hardware and software to make sure that the output of the section of technical engineers has enough experience and a sponsor to stick them to the labour market.