Continuous Education Centre

Statement by Mr Director of the Centre

As known to everyone. E-education gives the basics of competence,but the specialist still need to develop information,skills and possibilities in order to be able to exercise its competence on the one hand and to be familiar with the basics of the disciplines surrounding its working conditions

and this is the main goal from continuity education Centre in alnukbha university college that the centre serves all segments of society ,specifically students of alnukbha universitiey and its cadre (the activities of the centre for continuing education are free charge for them)

The services of the centre for continuing education are provided in the form of seminar ,workshops ,theoretical and practical courses,attendance and electronics These activities are provided by experts and specialists.these services are not limited to subjects of competence but extended to supporting topics such as:condition of pace and security,administration procedures and emergency ….etc

Alnukba university college by providing service of this center to increase scientific welfare and develop its cadres and students it will provide certificate to graduate of these activities in order to asses them in their career in particular and in their development of all sectors of Iraqi society in general

Dr.Saad Sabah Karam

Center manager