An overview of the quality assurance and university performance unit

The quality assurance and university performance unit is one of the important units in alnukbha university college,contributes significantly to overall strategic policy development for the college .This unit is responsible for spreading the culture of quality, evaluating the performance of the institution, implementing and following up the procedures for evaluation and academic and institutional accreditation and documentation of efforts and results in all activities through continuous collections of data and information as well as reporting on performance levels in different activities

The vision

The quality assurance unit seeks in al nukbha university college to ensure the application of international standards of good quality and to improve the quality of education thus making alnukbha university college in a sober and privileged position in the area of quality academic and institutional accreditation at the local,regional and global levels


Ensuring the application of standards of access continues improvement of all different departments and units of the college and upgrading of its educational,research and community services for academic accreditation to meet the requirements of the labor market

The goals

1-Consolidation and strengthening of emphasis on the quality culture In academic and administrative work among a member of the college

2- support and urge faculty members and researcher to give extensive attention to their scientific research to reach the required level of education and scientific research

3-integration and coordination between the departments and educational programmes of the college and the use of existing expertise to develop joint programmes and study plans between the corresponding departments and college within and outside the university

4-follow up to the implementation of training programmes that contribute to the implementation of the quality mechanism through training programmes and the use of advanced technology in the educational process

5-study of the needs of the labour market from new scientific discipline and work on plans and strategies for their implementation through the evaluation of total output by labour market providers. Through their participation in advisory boards, ongoing joint workshops, discussion and development of college outputs in the light of labour market needs.