In accordance with directives of the ministry of higher education and scientific research, Alnukhba university collage has allocated a hot E_mail under the supervision of the head of the electronic follow up room of the collage and available all the time in front of the masters of the teaching staff and our students to submit any comments or complaints concern the constraints and problems of the electronic educational process and preparation for exam which included of electronic pattern that students and professors also face , And work quickly to find out their causes and solve them to prevent the occurrence of what is affects the education and examination process Note that the hot mail for alnukhba university college is : hotmail

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Since it’s establishment in the year (2013/2014) Under declaration issued by the ministry of higher education and scientific research in the republic of Iraq no(1396)in 2014/4/9 Alnukhba university urging the pace for distinguished position among Iraqi,Arabic and international universities by its professional bases which depend on sober scientific approach and scientific study field laboratory under the supervision of a group of the finest professors in various scientific ,medical,engineering and humanitarian disciplines at all scientific rank to reach a high academic outputs,qualified scientifically and practically capable to face the needs of society ,the public and private sectors

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