Building a society is linked to the existence of a law that regulates the relationship between its members and removes the contradictions between its various interests. Accordingly, it is not possible to imagine the existence of a society without legal knowledge. As a result of the urgency and importance of legal studies in most scientific universities, the specialization of law has become a part of the structure of these universities, if they are local or government, Alnukbha University College has succeeded in establishing the Department of Law since the beginning of the college in the academic year 2014_2013
The college also succeeded in graduating the first class of the academic year 2017_2016


The Law Department seeks to take its place among the departments of local and Arab law schools and to gain the trust of all by providing stable education, scientific research and community service. The Section also seeks to achieve excellence in the field of law and to prepare graduates for academic, practical and scientific preparation to contribute to the strengthening of the community with the potential of the legal academic, for subsequent use in the creation and development of specialized higher academic legal competencies. Preparing graduates to contribute to the creation of legal and judicial facilities necessary to build society is based on the rule of law.

The message

The message of the Law Section is reflected in the spreading of the culture justice and the protection of human rights through the teaching of legal materials, awareness of human rights and the establishment of public freedoms in Iraqi society. Raising the human’s stature by raising awareness of his rights and obligations, and paying attention to legal research based on crystallizing ideas in a way that contributes to addressing the issues that society suffers from. Where, as is well known, no modern country can do its job properly without relying on specialized legal cadres, whether in the field of justice or in the field of justice administration, legal departments and managing the joints of the state and its Institutions


Section objectives

1- Dissemination of legal culture to different groups in society

2- Preparation of a legal cadre capable of performing future tasks in all branches of the State and society to communicate between the College and civil society through symposiums, workshops, conferences and continuing education

3- Development of the scientific performance of the Department with a determined effort to recruit and attract outstanding scientific competencies and build a stable staff of the Department

4- deepen the spirit of teamwork and developing scientific research

5- Ensuring the deepening of the scientific aspect of the students to support the theoretical study and provide the necessary requirements for this, whether through practical lessons or through the preparation of graduation projects and field visits to the courts or through the virtual court programs that the department prepares periodically with the participation of the faculty in the department and the students of the department