Reza Ibrahim Al Bayati

Name: Reza Ibrahim Hussein Mohamed Al Bayati
Academic Designation: Professor

Academic Achievements and Experiences:
* Pachlorius in Pure Chemistry from the Chemistry Department, Science College Mosul, 1975.
* Master of Arts in Analytical Chemistry, from Department of Chemistry, Science College, University of Baghdad, 1977.
* Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Swansea University College, Wales, United Kingdom, 1983.
* Work as Rapporteur and agents Head of the Chemistry Department, Science College, University of Mosul (1992-1988).
* Head of Chemistry Department, Science college, Mustansiriyah University (2001-1997).
* Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs, Higher Studies and Scientific Research, Science College, Mustansiriyah University (2003-2002).
* Members of University Commission to control hazardous chemicals.