The Curriculum Vitae

Dr . Jamil Musa Dabab Al-Zadie

Professor of Analytical chemistry and automated analysis for more than twenty years for baccalaureate and graduate students

BA degree received in 1977 from Baghdad university MA degree from Basra university in 1989 Ph.D degree (Mustansiriya University) 2001


Scientific activities

  1. 1. He has published more than thirty research papers in local and international journals in the petroleum, environmental and pharmaceutical fields .
  2. 2. Contribute in the discussion and evaluation of over two hundred letters ,theses ,researches and scientific promotions
  3. 3. Completion of two research project applied in the ministry of oil to solve some of problems proposed by the ministry of oil
  4. 4. supervised more than 11 letters and theses for master’s and doctoral student
  5. 5. Contributed to a number of scientific conferences in and out side Iraq
  6. 6. work a scientific consultant in the ministry of oil for more than two years
  7. 7. Received a number of local and international awards
  8. 8. He’s got the prowess of one invention
كتب و مؤلفات
Certificates of Appreciation
Published Papers

ministerial activities :

  1. 1. Member of the Ministerial committee , which is responsible for establishing the procedure for the qualification of the Scientific Laboratory in all of educational institutions belonging to the ministry of higher education and scientific research in accordance with IOS requirements 17025_2014
  2. 2. Member of the ministerial committee (including the establishment of a working group to develop a rehabilitation programmers for education GLP and medical laboratories (GGLP)2015
  3. 3. Ministerial order (Head of the pure sciences laboratories work team for all institutions of the ministry of higher education and scientific research 2015
  4. 4. Ministerial order(formation of a committee to follow up on the evaluation of universities to implement good laboratory practices 2017
  5. 5. Members of the brain storming committee in the scientific supervision and evaluation authority 2018

نظام الجودة في المختبرات:

  1. work as scientific consultant at laboratory access system of the oil research and development centre _ministry of oil to implement the quality system for the year 2013-2014
  2. 2.He delivered an archived lecture at almustansiriya university in which he suggested establishment of laboratory accreditation department in the ministry of higher education and scientific research
  3. 3.Attend to the course (quality in institutions) Nuremberg, Germany
  4. 4. Participate in the specification course 17025 and prepare the quality manual and procedural methods in the quality control and supervision system
  5. 5.participate in the internship course (preparation of the laboratory quality internal checker at the technological university
  6. 6.the first who suggests the GLP laboratory as a basic for organizing educational laboratories in the ministry of higher education and scientific research
  7. 7.He has completed introductory training courses in the quality system in laboratory in a number of Iraqi universities including; Al-Mustansiriya University, Kirkuk University, Baghdad University, Infertility Institute, Al-Nahrain University, Dhi Qar University, Sumer University, University of Technology, University of Fallujah, National University of Science and Technology in Dhi Qar, Higher Institute – Ministry of Interior, Al-Kitab University College / Kirkuk
  8. 8.He did international seminar in the education management system ISO 21001:2018 Education organisation Management system (EOMS)
  9. 9. Writing two books (Part I and Part II) in the area of Quality Management System
  10. 10. Member of the Iraqi Association for quality system Under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research
  11. 11. Consultant at the Iraqi Inventors Association
  12. 12. Member of the International Federation of Inventors


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8- طرائق وتقنيات حديثة في التحليل الكيميائي الالي (محدث) ٢٠٢١